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Please note that because of the activities of a spammer who has been generating large numbers of emails via the report form, it has been removed, hopefully temporarily. In the meantime, if you could follow the same process but make your report via the feedback form, the hotline (07878 062 880) or info@pontelandredsquirrels.co.uk.

If you spot a red squirrel in your garden or elsewhere in the Ponteland area, please let us know by completing the form below. This will enable us to build up a picture of the red squirrel population in our region.

We would appreciate it if you could then provide periodic updates (every 2 to 3 months) to inform us if:

  • your squirrel is still visiting OR
  • the number of squirrels visiting has changed OR
  • you haven't seen a squirrel for some time.

This will enable us to keep the map up to date and check whether or not the squirrel population in the area is remaining stable.

Most of the requirements are self explanatory, however, these supplementary notes should help with your report.

Your name, email address and phone number (optional) will enable us to get back to you if we need more information. The colour of the squirrel, ie red or grey; the 'Location of Sighting', the road, if possible a house number and, if the sighting is not in Ponteland, the village, so that an exact position can be put on our Sightings Map. If such information is not available, for example, if you are in a wood or on the golf course, please describe the location.

Please note that if you see a grey squirrel, ring our hotline immediately, 07878 061 880.